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 Earlville, Illinois
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Worship and Music
The duties and responsibilities of the Worship and Music Committee are the oversight of all aspects of the worship experience at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Earlville, Illinois. The areas of responsibility are set by the Bylaws of the Congregation. The committee is to be made up of at least six members from the congregation, and one Church Council representative. Activities range from picking the hymns for the worship service, the form of the worship service itself, the number and frequency of communion services, to supervising the church musicians, ushers, altar care, and providing supply pastors, ushers, and greeters as needed for services. A detailed list can be found starting on page 8 of the Bylaws of the congregation. If you would like to see a copy, stop by the church office, or ask a member of the Church Council. The work of this committee is essential to the worship experience of every member of and visitor to Immanuel Lutheran Church.